What is a Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System?

Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System is a fully automatic trim system for boats. It helps you get on a plane faster and keep your boat level. Your boat gets better performance, improved comfort, lower fuel consumption and enhanced safety. To do this we use fast-acting interceptors instead of conventional trim tabs and an easy-to-use control panel with built in gyro sensors.

Where can I buy a Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System?

We have 65 distributors around the world ready to provide you with a Zipwake system. Click here to fill out our contact form or to find your distributor.

Does Zipwake come with a warranty?

Yes, The Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System comes with a warranty of 2 years from the date of production.
(National rules in your country may give you longer warranty)

How do I register my product and is it needed for the warranty to be activated?

To register your product click here. You do not have to register your product for your warranty to be activated. Registering your product is a way to help us make Zipwake even better and is of course optional.


What is the difference between Zipwake interceptors and old-fashioned trim tabs?

Both interceptors and trim tabs redirect the water flow to control pitch and roll. Where they differ is that Zipwake interceptors enter the flow vertically and extend only 30–60 millimeters, whereas trim tabs often project 150 mm.
Due to its size trim tabs can damage lines in the water and easily be damaged when docking. Therefore interceptors are often preferred by fishing, lobster, pilot, and other commercial boats.


Zipwake’s interceptor blade extends 30/60 mm, whereas trim tabs often project 150 mm reflecting substantial drag.


Near full beam interceptor arrangements are much more efficient at making lift compared to trim tabs with narrow span.


Interceptors provide more effective trim control creating less waves which directly leads to better fuel economy


Zipwake’s blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming conventional trim tabs by at least a factor of 5.

Where do I install the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System?

The Zipwake interceptors are installed below the waterline on both sides of the boats transom. The control panel is installed at the helm and the distribution unit should preferably be installed on the inside of the transom.

Does Zipwake work on all boat types?

The Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System works on planing and semi-planing boats up to 100 ft. We have the Series-S for boats up to 50 ft and Series-E for boats up to 100 ft. Although there are exceptions so don’t hesitate to contact your distributor for advice.

What size of Zipwake system/interceptors do I need for my boat?

The Zipwake system allows up to six interceptors, three on each side, but in many cases two or four interceptors will get the job done. We recommend a minimum of 30 % of the width of the transom to be covered but find that installations with 50 % or more perform optimally. Fill out the Zipwake questionnaire to determine how many interceptors you’ll need on your boat and consult with one of our distributors for the best result.


Can I use Zipwake on my boat with a stepped hull?

Yes, there are many successful Zipwake installations on boats with stepped hull. There are examples in the Reference section of the website e.g. boats from Axopar, Nimbus, Yamarin, Silver etc.

Can I use a Zipwake system on my catamaran boat?

Yes, the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System results in excellent performance on both mono hull and catamaran boats.

Can I use a Zipwake system on my aluminum hull?

Yes, see the Reference section for examples of Zipwake installations on aluminum hulls. Zipwake also have the Adaptor Plate product that simplifies installations on aluminum hulls with protruding bottom plate.


Can i save fuel with Zipwake?

The answer is yes. The Zipwake system minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel. The average is 4% to 9% in fuel savings when using the Zipwake trim system versus running the boat without Zipwake. The result will vary due to different boat types and sea conditions.

Will Zipwake make my boat go faster?

Because of the small blades of Zipwakes interceptors – 30mm for Series-S and 60mm for Series-E – the drag created is minimal. Zipwakes interceptors creates more lift on the transom than they do drag through the water which results in a slight gain in speed.

At what speeds is the Zipwake system effective?

The lift force generated by the Interceptors increase quadratically with speed, hence the amount of lift increased significantly the faster you go. From what speed the built up lift helps getting the boat up on a plane depends ultimately on the installation, where best performance is achieved with interceptors spanning the full beam (Z-factor = 1), but typically from 8-10 knots.


I would like to finetune my pitch curve, how do I do that?

When using the AUTO mode you can use the pitch control wheel on the control panel to add a pitch offset to get the bow up or down. The pitch offset is a temporary adjustment, but you can permanently store an offset to the pitch control curve by press-and-hold the control panels roll wheel. This can be done at some different speeds to achieve optimum performance. It is also possible to examine and edit the curve in the control panel menu. Here is a video covering this in more detail.

Is it possible to turn off only the roll control or only the pitch control?

The system can be operated in MANUAL or AUTO mode. The AUTO roll control can enabled/disabled by a quick press on the AUTO-button (toggle between Full AUTO and AUTO Pitch). The Pitch Control can be customized to optimize performance, either permanently by adjusting the pitch curve or temporarily by applying pitch offset. This way the effect of Pitch Control being turned off can be achieved.

Do I need to paint the Zipwake interceptors?

If your boat stays in the water for longer periods we recommend you to paint the interceptors with antifouling to minimize the growth of aquatic organisms, plants, and algae.

If I install the integrator module, can I then do my trim control through the MFD?

Yes, with the Integrator module you get the same functions as you would with the control panel in your MFD.
Zipwakes Integrator module is compatible with selected models from Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad and Navico.

I would like to know if I can see the Zipwake system on my Simrad Nss12 eco 2 Plotter. Zipwake is already connected with my NMEA2000

It is possible to monitor Zipwake data on MFDs like Simrad NSS. Zipwake transmits data of interceptor (trim tab) position, rate of turn, COG&SOG, and attitude (pitch, roll, yaw) on the NMEA2000.  Refer to the MFDs operator’s manual on how to set it up to display NMEA2000 data and what data the MFD can receive.


The latest software includes all the latest features and improvements to the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System improving overall performance and robustness of the system. The latest software is always available for free download on our website. For instructions on how to upgrade refer to our instruction video on system upgrade. The video is available at the website and on the Zipwake youtube channel.